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Muralist - Tyler Mainstreet Art Alley: CV

December 2020


Selected for a group display and mural project for the city of Tyler, Texas. The project included a competition and selection of 40 local artists.  Each was asked to design a 3x6 foot mural to represent a positive outlook for the East Texas community and the city of Tyler.

"Love Dawgs Love" Teacher Staff Development Workshop

This workshop is designed to help teacher refresh and develop Team Building skills.  In less than one hour the teachers were able to fill the Commons Wall with their individual creations.  The results are AMAZING.  I wish I could have filmed the reactions when they returned from lunch to see their Art on the wall.  This was a process of Trust and Commitment to Leadership.  How we can all be individuals and at the same time create together for a larger Community result.  March is Youth Art Month.  I plan to complete a few of these workshops with kids.

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