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Artist - Jodi Waggoner

Welcome to my portfolio. I am thrilled you’ve come to visit my showcase of work that I’ve compiled over the years, which includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work and personal projects. Take a look and feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss potential opportunities to work together.

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The Artistic Journey

Art is my physical and spiritual connection to the world.  I find myself looking into the light of the day and enjoying the colors that surround us. I create each work as a reflection of a place, moment or thought.  Art is a way to share our most eternal contemplations.  I define a work as successful when the artist, viewer and the creation itself meet in a moment of shared experience.  It is that moment when the three elements combine that ART is divine.


Sisters - The unity of differences.

Sisters 2020.jpg


Iris 2020

My current series is titled, Sisters. The series began in 2020 during quarantine. The idea developed when I purchased two cheap panels and one was damaged.  I just began to play around on the second canvas and clean my pallet with the remaining hues.  I found myself exploring the idea that the artist has control of the language within the media. The image is just a source, a natural element of colors, texture and surface.  This created a complex connection to the thought that the same genetics can make so many different humans.  We are simply hues on the pallet of creation.  How can we possibly not relate well to one another? We are all the from the same pallet of creation. The series will continue with objects from my daily surroundings, one panel will be a reflection of the object and the other a pure exploration of the media. The roots of this process are deeply tied to abstract expressionism and the Playing Card Series of Ricard Diebenkorn.  



Career History



Undergraduate work completed at Stephen F. Austin, Nacogdoches, Texas

Major - Graphic Design 

Minor - Illustration



Graduate work was completed at Stephen F. Austin , Nacogdoches, Tx
Major - Fine Art Painting



Attended University of Texas at Tyler to complete a Texas Teaching Certification for All Level Art Education  In 1991 I obtained a Life Time Certification in Art Education for the State of Texas

Henderson High School 1991-2017


Designed, managed and implemented curriculum for High School Studio Art Classes - Art 1, Sculpture 2,3,4; Art and Media; Drawing 2,3,4; Painting 2,3,4 and AP Studio Course over a 26 year time period. Hosted Region 7 Visual Arts Scholastic Events in 1994-1997 and again from 2006-2010.

Carthage High School 2017-


Designed, managed and implemented curriculum for High School Studio Art Classes - Art 1;  Drawing 2,3,4;  Painting 2,3,4 and AP Studio Courses. Coordinate the on campus Student Art Gallery Exhibits and Community Displays. Hosted the Marshall Regional Arts Council's Mini- Monet Student Art Contest SPRING 2019.

2018 and 2019


December 2020

Pastels and Spray Paints.  This 2 hour workshop was designed to help the State Visual Art Level students experience a hand-on demonstration design challenge experience. The students were provided a simple design task and developed a single work from layering chalk pastels and spray painted stencils to create a final mixed media design.


Selected for a group display and mural project for the city of Tyler, Texas. The project included a competition and selection of 40 local artists.  Each was asked to design a 3x6 foot mural to represent a positive outlook for the East Texas community and the city of Tyler.

January 9 - March 1,2021

Alley to Galley Exhibit

Tyler Main Street Gallery

Selected as one of the featured artists for the exhibit held in the MainStreet Gallery 110 N College Suite 105

March 23- April 17, 2021

Dallas Metro Art Center 

Iris,  first in the Series of Sisters will be on display in a National Show hosted by Dallas Metro Art Contemporary, juried by Jerry Smith.  Located at 1412 14th Street, Plano TX.

Closing reception April 17th

March 12, 2021

Workshop Host - Carthage High School

Love Dawg Love Mural

Created a Staff Development Workshop for Teachers.  Provided and Facilitated a Mural Project that teachers were able to create in less than an hour.  The workshop is designed to refresh the creative process, advocate to the Fine Arts Programs and allow teachers to learn to trust the learning process. Creativity thrives when the Teacher is open to TRUSTING the Student to Succeed

August 2021

Online Exhibit: Joy

Tree Series image titled, Fall, will be included in an online display hosted by Edward A Dixon Gallery out of Dayton, Ohio.  Check back later for links and details to be announced.

March 23 April 29

Panola College: Exhibit - Scared Trinity

Located in the Panola College Gallery the show titled; Scared Trinity, will be on display for visitors until the end of April.  The show contains new works added to the Tree Row series that will be available by summer for online display and purchase in print formats.  



If you are interested in purchasing artwork or have a project commission request, please fill out the information below.

Thanks for submitting!

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"I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work"

Thomas Edison

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